High experience is a guarantee of the offer of disposable packings adapted
for needs and requirements of every recipient

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BIS-PAK company produces packagings made of polypropylene (PP) using injection methode with high offer of small packages with capacity from 100 to 3000ml. We have been present in the market since 1989. In the year 2000, after changing of owner, we accommodateed the present name.

Own toolroom, in which we are making an injection moulds

We own a private devices on which we make injection forms.We operate the agricultural and food products' processing within Poland and neighbouring countries (Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Ukraine, Russia and England). We sell our products in fishing products’ prosessing and in other business, for example in dairying. We also produce packagings for off-the-peg icecreams. We produce the majourity of our products with IML labels (the technology of injection mold of labeling to the packaging in the time of its manufacturing).

We are holding an ISO 22000:2005 certificate

In 25 May 2009 the Bis-Pak company have gained an ISO 22000:2005 certificate. This standard chains existing HACCP system with good praxis (GMP/GHP) and ISO 9001 standard. The basic aim of the ISO 22000 system is to assure that in entire food link (starting from buying the raw material, transporting, production of ready product until the consumer) there will not be any weak links in which there can appear food danger.

Gained certificates, awards and distinction confirm the high quality provided by Bis-Pak company services.

Experience in the new technology of processing polypropylenes

Our experience in the newest technology of processing polypropylene into packagings using IML go back to the year 2000. We manufacture packagings on single cavity moulds, currently we build multi cavity molds. Our aim is to reach a hign quality of packagings with very important in the agricultural and food products' processing market characteristics such as transparency and leakproof. In our offer we have got traditional lock-up buckets which keep up leakproof parameters as well as packagings on which after packing we weld platinum and the lid serve the purpose of a cover, for example W-4 bucket, S-4, S-2, P-2 containers.

New production plant from the first-class with equipment

In the year 2006 we have build a new establishment of 1600 square metre surface. We owe over 20 first-class injection machines – essentials for this kind of production – and over 50 injection forms constantly in working order. After finishing our building investment we plan to bring in the ISO system. We are prepared to manufacture a new or different packaging appropriate to your needs.