• Round and rectangular
  • Capacity 0.1 - of 3 litres
  • Any colour
  • PZH seal of approval
  • Food products and chemistry

Bucket W-23

Capacity of the package 2,4 l
Colour of the package transparent, white, other
Donating the package fish, vegetables, fruits, paints
Seals of approval PZH certificate
Dimensions Ø of the lid: 165mm
Ø of the bottom: 129mm
height: 165,5mm
Shape of the package round
Seal seal

Bucket with capacity of 2,4l, with tight lid. Produced in standard with blue or transparent handle.

Packing on euro pallet (1200x800) in euro big-boxes (export)
3300 pcs. Buckets (2 boxes x 1650 pcs.) - boxes size is 1200x800x825
3300 pcs. Lids (1 box x 3300 pcs.) - box size is 1200x800420
total weight: 310kg
pallet height: 2.08m