• Round, oval and rectangular
  • Capacity 0.1 - 1.2 litre
  • Transparent or colourful
  • PZH seal of approval
  • Food products and chemistry

Container PG-1v11

Capacity of the package 0,23 l
Colour of the package transparent
Donating the package fish, vegetables, fruits
Seals of approval PZH certificate
Dimensions Ø of the lid: 125mm
Ø of the bottom: 109mm
height: 36mm
Shape of the package round, angle
Seal seal

Round-shaped container with 12-cornered bottom, closed with tight lid. It has a security seal. IML label possibile on the lid and on the bottom of the container.

Packing on industrial pallet (1200x1100) in bags:
11200 pieces of container (56 packs x 200 pcs)
11200 pcs of lids (28 packs x 400 pcs)
total weight: 240kg
palette height: 2.2 m

Packing on a Euro pallet (1200x800) in bags:
8000 items (40 packs x 200 pcs container)
8000 pieces (20 packs x 400 pcs covers)
total weight: 170kg
palette height: 2.1 m

Packing on a Euro pallet (1200x800) in euro cartons (600x400x600) [EXPORT]:
6750 containers (9 boxes x 750 items)
6750 lids (3 cartons x 2250 pieces)
total weight: 145kg
pallet height: 1.9 m